The accountability for Elopak’s sustainability performance lies at the very top of the company – the Board of Directors. The BoD approved Elopak’s sustainability program and targets in 2019. A Board Audit and Sustainability Committee (BASC) has been appointed by the Board of Directors to oversee the reporting process, to ensure balance, transparency and integrity of external financial and sustainability reporting.

The Group Leadership Team (GLT) acts as a steering committee for the sustainability program, which is an embedded part of the overall group strategy. The steering committee provides guidance and direction and ensures sufficient resources to deliver on the strategy.

The Product Council is a core executive group within the GLT which sets the portfolio strategy which is also closely linked to the initiatives in the sustainability program.

The Sustainability Management Team consists of key executives responsible for the strategic initiatives under the sustainability program. This team acts as a support to the sustainability function in Elopak in order to secure priorities to achieve the set targets.

The CMO is the sponsor as the area of sustainability is placed under the business area of marketing and product management.

The Specialist Team consists of key sustainability functions such as procurement, HR, safety and compliance. All these functions also work closely with the Sustainability Program Office which consists of all the strategic initiative owners. Each of them are responsible for scoping, defining, planning and executing projects to reach the defined goals and objectives.

The Director Sustainability works closely with the strategy office to ensure alignment between sustainability initiatives and overall group strategy. There is also close cooperation with corporate communication for any updates relevant for internal or external stakeholders.


Elopak’s management of sustainability is defined in the following governing documents

  • Overall Group Strategy including Sustainability Program
  • Code of Conduct
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Global Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Raw Material Sourcing Policy
  • Safety Policy
  • Health, Safety and Working environment (Procedure)
  • Company Use of Social Media (Procedure)
  • Employees Use of Social Media (Procedure)
  • Confidentiality Undertaking (Procedure)
  • Storing and deleting personal data – Elopak whistleblowing channel (Procedure)
  • Remuneration – Elopak Group (Procedure)
  • Elopak Requirements to Leadership Development and Training (Procedure)
  • How to handle workforce reductions and termination of employment (Procedure)