Our approach

As a global corporation, Elopak is committed to work systematically with all aspects of sustainability, from the well-being of our employees, initiatives to mitigate climate change, responsible sourcing of raw materials, to responsible business conduct, upholding the highest ethical standards in all our business operations. This approach is embedded throughout this report and within all business areas in Elopak.

Elopak is committed to applying high ethical standards and compliance throughout our global organization wherever we operate and conduct business on behalf of Elopak. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination and strive to create a work environment where we all can feel safe and comfortable. All employees are expected to contribute to Elopak’s ethical culture by understanding and living by principles of our Code of Conduct and embracing our commitment to integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. Our success is dependent on the cooperation from our business partners and our business partners are expected to comply with laws and regulations and stand for similar integrity standards as does Elopak.

Employees and external stakeholders are encouraged to report suspected or actual breaches of laws and regulations or cases of misconduct and unethical business conduct. Such reporting can be done through line management or through Elopak’s whistleblowing channel. The whistleblowing channel permits a secure and confidential reporting option and is managed by an external professional service provider.

Living by our commitment to conducting business in a responsible manner and to account for social and environmental aspects in our value chain, responsible sourcing is a key strategic objective and is reflected in our procurement policy and practice. Elopak has a global Supplier Code of Conduct, setting forth our expectations in the areas of business ethics, human rights, labour practices, health and safety and the environment. It is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and core ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions and compliance with applicable law.

Elopak also complies with the Global Data Protection Regulations and has a Global Data Protection Officer and Local Data Protection Coordinators.

Our sustainability program is an embedded part of our overall business strategy, with clear targets linked to specific strategic initiatives which are owned and embedded into relevant business areas. Sustainability lies at the very core of our company, also reflected in the products we are offering, which continuously prove to be one of the most environmentally friendly packages on the market.


A Pledge against Greenwashing

In 2020, Elopak signed a pledge against Greenwashing, initiated by Skift together with the Norwegian NGOs Future in Our Hands, Zero, and WWF Norway. Skift is a Norwegian business climate leaders’ organization with members including Coca-Cola European Partners, Microsoft Norway, WWF Norway and PWC.

The pledge serves as a practical guide to avoiding greenwashing, which describes claims made about sustainability that are not backed up with evidence and proper documentation. The objective of the initiative is to accelerate the move towards genuine sustainability progress.

By signing the pledge, Elopak commits to a range of specific commitments designed to guard against greenwashing.  Commitments include being honest and accountable in all reporting and making sure that Elopak’s sustainability actions are in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of the pledge, Elopak is committed to keep focusing on reducing its environmental footprint.

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