Covid handling

Elopak’s response to and handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was swift and effective. In February 2020, a Corporate Response Team under the lead of CHRO was established. Its role was to align and establish local processes to avoid spreading of the virus and infection of our employees.

Corporate guidelines for handling the pandemic were established and issued for local alignment, starting with local crisis teams put into operation across the company. Daily meetings were set up to monitor the development of infections and to take necessary precautions.

Strict travel restrictions were instigated, with home-office working initiated for staff wherever possible. At all our manufacturing sites and offices, we installed temperature measurement equipment for on-site employees. Plus, a ‘Working from home’ campaign was set up to support and help colleagues stay at home as much as possible and to keep up motivation.

Within a few weeks, we rolled out Microsoft TEAMS to everyone to enable people to stay connected and avoid traveling. A new cloud-based intranet was made available to all employees for news and information. This enabled the flow of frequent information to all staff on the status of infections across our sites, aligned with customer and supplier information.

In addition, digital management training was given to enable people to work just as efficiently at home as they would in their usual environment. This included initiatives to create awareness on data security, to learn about confidential information in line with GDPR regulations and to keep Elopak safe from cyber-attacks.

 “We have been successful in providing a Covid-19 secure workplace for our employees, and as a result the number of infected cases across Elopak have been very low. It is thanks to the continuous focus, effort and support from all our employees and visitors that we have been able to maintain all our operations throughout these unprecedented times.” Jannicke Woxmyhr, Specialist Director Group HR.