Diversity and inclusion

Many studies show that a diverse workforce leads to increased revenue, more innovation and development of more relevant products. The importance of diversity is also highlighted by our stakeholders who emphasizes the importance of a diverse workforce.

Elopak provides equal opportunities for its employees and do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, sex, age, religion, physical disability, political orientation, union membership, marital status or sexual orientation. In Elopak, we have a workforce with many different backgrounds, expertise, cultures and experiences. In fact, our workforce consists of more than 50 nationalities. We recruit employees who actively contribute to our continuous development; people with different backgrounds, skills, culture and experience.  In 2020 we have promoted more women to our upper management level and recruited employees at 55+.

Within this area, Elopak is however still in the process of defining our management approach with regards to distribution of gender. Being a company in a traditionally male-dominated segment, Elopak will first aim to target the same distribution in gender diversity across all hierarchical levels. This target is part of our sustainability program and Elopak will work out a relevant procedure and follow-up routine in the nearest future in order to reach the target

Elopak is of the opinion that men and women’s compensation for the same level/position in the job classification system should be equal.  Some countries in the Elopak Group must follow local Pay Equity legislations and report accordingly. There are legitimate variances in payment due to different positions, but not due to gender.  Elopak has not registered any complaint or issue related to this.

Reflecting Elopak’s culture of openness, we have registered two cases outside the whistleblowing channel related to discrimination.  These cases have been reported directly to the line manager and followed up in close collaboration with HR.