Naturally renewable material

An Elopak carton comprises of on average of 85% paperboard sourced from northern hemisphere forests. Forests are naturally renewable because trees grow without human interference, but can only be truly renewable if they are responsibly managed. Therefore, as our main raw material is derived from forests, we take responsible forest management very seriously.

All our paperboard is from legal and acceptable sources in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Verification through the supply chain in accordance with the FSC Chain of Custody standards is necessary to ensure that the final, labelled product is made from material sourced from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources.


The lungs of the earth – why forests are important

Trees are important because they play a key role in the carbon cycle. During growth, trees absorb carbon dioxide(CO₂) from the atmosphere and produce oxygen. The carbon cycle is the process in which carbon atoms continually travel from the atmosphere to the earth, and then back out into the atmosphere.

Forests are also crucial for biodiversity. Several species have become extinct over the past few decades, and thus maintaining healthy, wild forests are essential to preserving endangered species.

Nordic countries have maintained an annual net growth of forest land, enabling the amount of wood harvested to be less than the forest growth each year. This helps contribute to absorbing the increasing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to maintain biodiversity in our nature.

It is important for Elopak to participate in the fight against illegal logging and to ensure that all forestry behind our cartons is not only legal, but also responsible. This is how we ensure that our main raw material is truly renewable, and therefore will be available for generations to come.

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