RE100 update


In 2015, Elopak became the first packaging company and the first Norwegian company to join the RE100 campaign, committing to sourcing 100% renewable electricity from 2016 onwards for all fully owned production units and offices worldwide.

In the RE100 Annual Report for 2020 it is given that only 53 of the RE100 members have announced reaching 100% renewable electricity.  When the report was published, 261 companies had joined the RE100 campaign. Hence only ~20% of the member companies had reached their goal of sourcing 100% renewable electricity in 2020. We in Elopak are proud to have sourced 100% renewable electricity since 2016, and to be one of the relatively few companies in the RE100 campaign that have reached this goal already five years ago.


Fleet emission reductions

Our colleagues in Spain are reducing emissions by replacing fleet cars with hybrid and low emission cars. In 2020 a total of 18 cars were replaced, enabling a 70% reduction of emissions. The cars are used extensively by market unit personnel and field service engineers supporting customers at their sites. Further changes will be made to the rest of the fleet in 2021 and 2022 with more cars being switched to greener vehicles such as plugin hybrids and hybrid motors.