Renewable polymers

Our Pure-Pak® cartons keep products fresh whilst using less plastic than alternatives. Elopak strives to reduce the plastic content of cartons. And, our customers can already go ‘fossil-free’ with forest-based polymers.

Plastic is most commonly made from fossil raw materials which are extracted from the ground causing greenhouse gases to be emitted to the atmosphere, harming the environment.

Elopak launched the first cartons based on 100% renewable raw materials back in 2014.  It has since continued to be a success with several large brand-owners launching products in fully renewable cartons.

Today, Elopak offers certified renewable plastics based on tall oil which is a residue from paper production. The tall oil-based feedstock is sourced mainly from Nordic forests which enbles us to offer a carton based entirely on wood. All our wood is 100% sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources, in accordance with the FSC™ standards.

All of Elopak’s customers in Europe can be offered cartons with renewable polymers, significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the pack and helping customers achieve their environmental goals. In addition,  our renewable PE cartons are certified according to ISCC PLUS, from feedstock to finished carton.

There are several benefits to using renewable plastic with the key advantages of lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the reduced extraction and use of fossil fuels that cannot be renewed. Therefore, the use of renewable raw materials helps ensure resources for future generations.

The development of plastics made from renewable raw materials is moving fast and innovative new solutions are being introduced at a rapid pace. Elopak is carefully tracking developments and is also engaging in research projects where more raw materials are being explored for the development of new packaging materials.


The renewed normal

It is now over a decade since Boxed Water is Better® was launched in the US in Pure-Pak ®cartons as the leading sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. A pioneer in the campaign against global plastic waste, Boxed Water™ introduced in 2020 renewable PE packaging, featuring cartons and caps.

“With the introduction of packaging derived from Nordic trees, our cartons are now 92% renewable, where none of the competition reaches over 90%,” said Robert Koenen, CMO for Boxed Water™. “Renewable materials is enabling a new era forest-based packaging, reducing reliance on fossil fuels for a better planet.”

“Beyond the ‘new normal’ we are working towards a ‘renewed normal’ that sets a brighter and higher standard with the most renewable option in the water aisle.”