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Pure-Pak® Imagine, our most sustainable carton ever

In 2020 we launched our most environmentally friendly carton ever, the Pure-Pak® Imagine. A modern version of the original and iconic fresh Pure-Pak® carton with a new easy-open feature eliminating the need for a plastic screw cap.

This latest carton is 100% forest-based, made with Natural Brown Board, and is fully renewable and carbon neutral. The Pure-Pak® Imagine carton’s unique top fin helps guide consumers to open the carton to form a carafe for easy pouring. The new top fin shape adds a further important point of differentiation. Shape is the first recognition point for consumers, so this is especially important in markets less familiar with the easy opening feature.

In combination with the modern functionality of the easy-pour and easy-fold features, the carton sets a new benchmark in reducing plastics. The Pure-Pak® Imagine carton is first available for the fresh dairy category, creating the perfect low carbon, circular economy approach.

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TINE gets nostalgic with classic milk carton

In 2020, TINE was the first dairy in Norway to remove plastic caps from milk cartons. TINE organic milk was launched in 1 liter Pure-Pak® cartons with Natural Brown Board and a new and improved version of the classic carton opening. By removing the cap on TINE’s organic milk, the dairy reduces its plastic consumption by at least 5 tonnes every year.

TINE, was one of the first to use 100% forest-based renewable cartons and is completely dedicated to taking care of the environment. The new carton is a further step forward for our long-standing customer’s continuous efforts to reduce its climate footprint.

The new opening feature, which many will know as “fold-out and bend back,” creates a modern, nostalgic version of the original milk carton. For TINE, the development provides a more environmentally friendly carton with an even lower carbon footprint than conventional cartons.

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Swedish consumers say no to plastic caps

In Spring 2020, Skånemejerier decided to remove the caps on all Hjordnära organic milk. An easy opening feature replaced the plastic closure on the 1 liter Pure-Pak® cartons. Sweden’s second-largest dairy then let the sales figures and consumer reactions determine the future of plastic caps.

Consumers contacted the dairy via social media and its customer service department, with a clear majority of 79% preference for packaging without the plastic closure.

A result that demonstrates consumers prioritize sustainability over convenience is exactly what Skånemejerier was hoping for. Removing the plastic cap reduces the climate impact of packaging, and it also makes it easier for consumers to recycle.  The new carton perfectly fits Skånemejerier’s vision to be Sweden’s most sustainable dairy and to minimize the amount of material in its packaging.  The dairy now plans to gradually launch more products in Pure-Pak® cartons with no plastic cap.

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