Our Upgraded Technology Center

Located at the heart of the Elopak building, with windows facing down towards the Production test center, is a sophisticated meeting room with modern technical AVI equipment and carefully chosen material; metal, glass, cork and wood. This is a room with an atmosphere ideal for fruitful discussions, idea generation, work shops, learning and training for Elopak and its customers. A factory for new ideas.


You can see more pictures of the technology center further down the article.

Board development and innovation

Elopak develops and introduces board innovation three or four times faster than other manufacturers. The most recent best example is the huge commercial success of Natural Brown Board.

While developing new and better boards, one constant is to reduce the carbon footprint of the board whilst maintaining performance. This is done by reducing the consumption of wood, chemicals and non-renewable components again and again.

Elopak has three main strategies for achieving these goals. The first is the use of non-bleached fibres in the board, which are stronger than bleached fibers. Secondly and in addition, we use Micro Fibrillated Cellulose to reinforce the bonds between the fibers. By not calendaring (ironing) the board, the board performance can be maintained while using less fibers and in addition achieve a more natural look and feel.

We have also developed processes that enable these different strategies to be combined and create board that has a unique look and feel in addition to being more sustainable.